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A Site for Wine Lovers
This site is designed to give wine lovers acces to sites for buying good wines at the best prices. There are also links to information that will add to you enjoyment of this pleasurable pastime
The most delicious, the most exciting and the best value wines you can buy today come from new up and coming winemakers, who are making wine with love and passion. Not from the multinational brands you will find on the supermarket shelves.
Wine of the Month Club features two new and outstanding wines every month -- ONE RED and ONE WHITE -- delivered right to your door. Typical selections are from smaller, lesser known wineries throughout the world.



You are amongst the first visitors to our fledgling site, dedicated to the appreciation of wine.

Currently we are building our selection of links to quality wine suppliers for offering wines in all prices ranges and varieties. We intend to include facts and advice useful to the social wine enthusiast, hopefully not too theoretical, but interesting.

Wine is a very complex subject, but its appreciation should be a very pleasant experience. During our research we are visiting may sites offering tasting notes on wines of all types and from all areas, generally with emphasis on the more expensive wines. Our experience shows that it is the occasion, one's companions, the food and lastly the cost that determine the lasting memory of many bottles you will have the fortune to taste.

The current estimate of excise duty, bottling and distribution costs equals £2.80 for any bottle, before any wine is placed in it. It is therfore, not surprising that a £3.50 bottle may not have the complexity of many of those reviewed in the weekend supplements. However, think back on the occasions when during impromptu reunions, you and your friends uncorked a potentially unremarkable bottle using price as the criteria, yet thoroughly enjoyed it.

We trust that you will use our site to find wines, improve your tasting experiences whether by the mixed-case or single variety purchases from the featured suppliers and return from time-to-time to follow our progress. Bookmark this site!


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